How we do it

Listen and Plan

  • 100+ years of collective experience.
  • Insights from working with contractors from $20M to $20B in revenue (at Pipaya and with former firms).
  • Multi-disciplinary experience, including FAR/CAS compliance, tax, program finance, contracts, pricing, procurement, and IT systems.

Utilize our prior experience in both full-time and interim accounting and finance roles

  • Over 40 years of full-time, financial leadership experience in the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Extensive experience with interim roles both pre- and post- sale (we are currently engaged to assist via interim roles on over 30 percent of our transactions).

Work as a team

  • Leverage the collective knowledge of the entire Pipaya team to provide answers and solutions to our clients and team members in the field.
  • Leverage the collective network of our team. If we don’t know the answer or solution, we know other high-quality, high-value providers who do know.

Our approach

Listen and Plan

  • Understand issues and desired results
  • Discuss solutions
  • Create a mutually acceptable plan


  • Start delivering on the plan
  • Communicate, discuss status
  • Revise as needed
  • Complete


  • Discuss follow-up, if any
  • Provide feedback and lessons learned

What you get

  • Smart, experienced, and responsive team members with deep industry and professional expertise.
  • Peace of mind knowing your financial house is in order, while you evaluate the proper long-term candidates.
  • Trusted bandwidth when you need it.

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