How we do it

Bring our 100+ years of experience to bear on your sell-side challenge.

Leverage our deep industry expertise

  • 100+ years of collective experience.
  • Insights from working with contractors with $20M to $20B in revenue (at Pipaya and with former firms).
  • Multi-disciplinary experience, including FAR/CAS compliance, tax, program finance, contracts, pricing, procurement, and IT systems.

Utilize our extensive M&A process experience

  • Experience on 50+ acquisitions, including experience with the Big Four and industry.
  • Insights from working on acquisitions ranging from $5M to $5B.
  • We understand the different emotions, personalities, and timelines involved in a process – and that accuracy, responsiveness and consistency are essential.

Use our proven approach and process

  • Over $500M in Pipaya-supported sell-side transactions means minimal time spent learning your business, combined with responsive service throughout the entire transaction process.
  • Our dynamic team and customized approach means we can be the visible financial leader, the quiet financial analysts, something in between, or all of the above.
  • Our team staffing model, tailored specifically for sell-side processes, enables us to scale up or down to meet rigorous deadlines, while maintaining quality.

Our approach

1. Prepare

  • Validate and organize historical financial data
  • Create and/or support companies with ownership of the financial forecast
  • Partner with and educate client’s financial team to address experience and skill gaps

2. Execute

  • Prepare and review due diligence responses and ongoing financials
  • Accelerate the process by leveraging our flexible and scalable team
  • Clearly, accurately and consistently communicate information

3. Close

  • Sale and purchase agreement accounting advisor
  • Fulfillment of pre-close requirements
  • Estimated balance sheet and working capital preparation

What you get

  • A force multiplier that allows you to focus on your business AND meet the rigorous demands of due diligence.
  • An advisor who speaks the language of M&A financial due diligence.
  • An easier, more efficient, and more successful M&A sale process.
  • A team that gets up to speed quickly, to start delivering value early.
  • Experts working to help you succeed—before, during, and after a transaction.

Learn how Pipaya can help make your sale process easier and more successful.

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