Who we are

Pipaya is a team of specialists, who provide sell-side and buy-side M&A support, and accounting and IT consulting services for CFO’s in the defense, aerospace, and GovCon industries. Our Clients get all the expertise and experience of a top tier firm at a more reasonable price. Pipaya has helped Clients execute over $3B in transactions sucessfully, and our references will vouch for the positive experiences they’ve had in working with Pipaya.
Meet our team
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Our Clients come to Pipaya for:

  • Finding a better way to solve your problem
  • Personal attention from senior-level consultants
  • Deep understanding of their industries (aka. no learning curve)
  • Better ROI

You’ll find Pipaya consultants have a more entrepreneurial and pragmatic mindset, so they prefer working with relatively smaller companies. Seeing their personal impact on your projects drives them to find a better way to get things done. Ultimately, all this means our Clients get all the expertise and experience of a top tier firm for a better value.

How we got started

It takes flexibility to perform accounting and advisory work in a cold warehouse sitting next to stainless steel beer tanks, but Adam Strach did just that in 2009 with Pipaya’s first Client — a new microbrewery. Building on Adam’s M&A and Govcon foundation from Ernst & Young, Pipaya has since grown into the company he envisioned:

  • Free from corporate bureaucracy
  • Able to respond quickly to evolving Client needs
  • Focused on the lower middle market

What’s in a name?

The name Pipaya comes from Adam’s daughters’ names – Piper and Maya — who love fruit, even if it’s misspelled.